Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides what committee members are placed?

All members have access to a survey link (that has been live since pre-chartering) to sign up for committees. If there are any individuals who have questions about joining a committee, please reach out to the respective committee chairperson. If your name has been omitted, please email the Recording Secretary to correct the matter.

How are items placed on the agenda?

Items are placed on the agenda by the Executive Board, and approved by the President. Meeting agendas follow the format as designated by Robert’s Rule of Order. For further inquiries regarding the general body meeting agenda, please reach out to the Chapter President.

Will the general membership have the opportunity to vote on new committees being created and who will be placed on the committee?


New committees are proposed to the Executive Board, and approved by the Executive Board. Members are placed on the committee by signing-up electronically or by contacting the respective committee chair personally.

How and when are programs, agendas, and individuals selected to participate?


Programs are developed by the Programs committee in alignment with our National agenda. Agendas and individuals are selected based on the need and their own interest/availability. For more information regarding Programs, please contact our Vice President of Programs.

When will receive a written copy of the annual budget adopted by the Chapter and a report of income and disbursements?


Both the 2017 and 2018 Proposed Budgets were submitted for review. Upon approval by the Budget and Finance Committee and Fund Development Committee (line items specific to fund development), the budgets will be shared with all members for review. A financial report will be shared monthly.

Will the general membership have the opportunity have the opportunity to vote on how funds are spent?


Yes. Budgets will be included with programming review for vote and approval for upcoming initiatives. However, at times, specific operational line items outlined in the approved budget will not be reevaluated.